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20 February

Hathaway weighs in on Women in Politics

From the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: Government inadequate without women’s voices …Indiana can elect more women if more women will run. Anne Hathaway, executive director of the Lugar Series, a political leadership development program for Indiana Republican women, said it’s more difficult to recruit women as candidates because they tend to think more about the

8 July

Pete Seat Discusses Pence VP Buzz on WIBC’s Tony Katz & The Morning News

The buzz in Indiana – and across the nation – is growing that Governor Mike Pence may be selected to run for vice president this cycle. Why is he on the short-short list? What are the chances of this happening? Pete Seat joined WIBC’s Tony Katz to discuss this, and the scramble to potentially replace

8 July

Anne Talks to the Boston Globe about 2016 GOP Convention

When the Boston Globe wanted to talk about preparations for the 2016 Republican National Convention, they looked to our own Anne Hathaway. Anne served as program director of the 2012 version of the GOP event and offered her insight into preparations to make this year’s convention different than any previous affair. Check it out here.

27 June

Catch Anne on Inside Indiana Business

Anne appeared on Inside Indiana Business this week to discuss the latest jobs announcements, the future of workforce development and, of course, the visits of the Dalai Lama and Lady Gaga to Indianapolis for the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Watch it here.

12 June

Seat OpEd: I really should read my own columns

How in the world did we not see Donald Trump’s nomination coming? Pete writes that while the landscape was ripe for his taking, very few predicated the ultimate outcome. Except, he did see it coming. He just needed to read his own columns to figure it out. Read the column here.

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